Friday, April 19, 2013

So in love....

I have been away from the blog world for a hot second or a few weeks but life just gets busy and sometimes I just am not motivated to put my thoughts into words and sentences and to add pretty pictures. So today I am going to make it easy on myself but share with you a little bit of my world. I want to show you some things I am in love with. Now that it is Spring here in Indiana (although today it is a blistery 39 degrees but just yesterday it was warm and 70. Stupid Indiana weather. oh well.) Now that it is Spring....I am in a much better mood and feeling "in-love" Here are some of my loves...

My handsome husband

My girls

This girl (Lilly) so sweet and innocent and now ready for Kindergarten

My $10 flea market find includes a bowling ball that fits me perfect. Bowled a 130

My new friend Ashley. She has been such a blessing to me at work. We clicked almost immediately and are so much alike.

Pad Thai! Love it, want to only it Pad Thai items! Seriously it's that good. I just stay away from curry.

This FABULOUS lady, my mom, who turns 50 tomorrow.
I know, we can't believe it either. She gets prettier and younger looking every year. Sure hopes she passes that down to me


I am addicted to Candy Crush. I was stuck on level 23 for 3 days but finally beat it yesterday and emailed my mom right away b/c I knew only she would be just as happy as I was. She was been stuck on level 29 for a few days now. Danny asked me how many levels there were and I said over 100. His reply was, well that's just worthless then. lol
Working out. We have a gym at our Corp. building. I have gone each day this week. Getting in shape for my vacation in just a few weeks.

Dreaming of our vacation spot and knowing we will be there soon.
Craving Lemon Bars and making them tonight. Yummy!
My new favorite show. My husband and I totally jumped on the bandwagon and haven't looked back. Love it and love them. I crack up randomly just thinking about what Si or Jase said on the latest episode. Love when I find someone who also loves the show! I get so tickled.
So what are your current loves? Any you want to share with me?