Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Gracie turned 6

 February 13th was Gracie's Birthday. She turned 6 this year. The whole family just couldn't believe she was going to be 6 years old. It seems as though just yesterday we were bringing her home in the blizzard of 2007. Laying her on our brown ottoman, getting checking out my the home care nurse. She was a little jaundice and needed a billiblanket. She was always a really cute baby and was always smiling. It was like she never had a bad day. Well that was until June 27, 2008. J/K ( Lilly's Bday)

Grace has been a really good kid the last 6 years. It is neat to watch her grow and mature over the years. She has really grown up in the last year to 6 months. In just four months she will be considered a first grader. Now that's the big leagues. ☺

Happy Birthday to you...
She loves her shoes.
She asked me to make basketball cake pops. They were delicious and looked pretty good.
Gracie's favorite sister.
My sweet and silly girl. You are so precious to me and one of the best blessings I have ever received. Thank you for your sweet hugs and kisses every day. Thank you for always wanting to help out and for watching over your little sister.  Mommy and Daddy love you so much and pray for you everyday. We are all so excited to watch you grow into a beautiful young lady.


Grace started playing basketball for the Boys and Girls club in January. She is very shy so it takes her awhile to warm up to the other girls and coaches. She had really improved over the last several games and is doing a great job. She scored a point last week and we were all really excited. The two things Danny and I always tell her to do are guard her girl and bring the ball down to the basket. Well last week it is like the first part finally clicked. She was all over her girl and was playing good defense. She still likes to bring the ball half-court and then passes it off. But hey, at least she isn't a ball hog.

Here are some pictures. She is on the pink team, number four and is wearing gray shorts with a green stripe.

Cute story about the shorts. The first practice she kept putting her hands in her pockets. It drove Danny crazy, so he sewed them up. He didn't tell her so the next practice she kept trying to put her hands in her pockets again. It was funny. This Saturday is her last game and we have just been so proud of her. After her season we want to sign Lilly up for dance or gymnastics. Lilly loves to do cartwheels during the quarter breaks. She is Gracie little cheerleader.

 That is Gracie's coach. She is good and getting your hands up, now go find your girl
Go Gracie - take it to the Basket

There she is, at half court, passing it away. Good teamwork

This picture was from last saturday. Look at that D-E-F-E-N-S-E