Thursday, March 31, 2011

Want some asparagus

I was going through my flip camera searching for Gracie's latest soccer practice video. I started scrolling the wrong way and found this old video of Lilly. It is so cute. I might just have to put it on Youtube!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Crafty yet not

I have been feeling crafty lately but yet have no energy to do anything. So today I will be crafty through other's blogs. hehe

I would really love to make these....

Too cute!

Found here

I love this "Family Rule" sign, although I would tailor it to fit my household

Sharing toys should definitely be a rule and no playing in the kitty's litter box! Yuck

found here

And are you loving Subway Art as much as I am? Please tell me you have heard of or have seen this!!! I recently made a St. Patrick's Day one for my Aunt's birthday and a "New Baby Girl" one for my Bff's baby

I might have to print this out and put on my desk!

Here is a cute (Commercialized & Traditional) Easter Subway Art. You can pretty much find any holiday or seasonal Subway Art. Or Make your own like I did below

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Soccer practice

Soccer practice went great. Gracie did a good job and listened to her coach. She was not shy or afraid at all. Here is a picture of her team in their first huddle! ( sorry my pictures aren't good. I forgot to put it in sport mode and was a little preoccupied with actually watching and paying attention since I really don't know much about soccer myself. :)

They were doing their first drill, going around cones and dribbling their ball.

Here she is trying to kick it into the goal.

Doesn't she look like a pro? :) hehe

I took some video footage with my flip camera.
This video is the kids just warming up and playing around....

This video is of the kids doing one of their "drills" red light green light.

Towards the end of practice they had a scrimmage. Here Gracie score the first goal. She was so excited. Watch carefully b/c it happens within the first second.

It was a great practice and Gracie really enjoyed herself. And we enjoyed watching her.

Monday, March 21, 2011

a few updates

I have been MIA for a week or so. I have not been in the blogging mood. There has been a "issue" that has been going on in my house that has been requiring a lot of my time. It has me exhausted but I am hopeful that we have beaten it. And now that it's Spring and it's starting to get nicer out I hope to have more energy.

Tomorrow starts Gracie's first day of soccer practice. We are so excited. I will report back with an update. I am really anxious to see how she acts. She is very shy at first especially when she doesn't know anyone. Will she cry or have the time of her life? Will Danny lose his patience and will I learn anything about Soccer? We will see.

I am also excited for tomorrow because my Bff is supposed to have her baby. If she doesn't go tonight on her own she will be induced tomorrow. Hmmm, when am I going to go to the hospital, after practice.....

And last but not least I have a cold. I have gargled a lot of warm salt water this weekend and my throat actually feels better. I hope tomorrow it's gone.

Hope everyone is having a good week.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

St. Patty

St. Patrick's Day is my Aunt Mar-Mar's birthday. We have a tradition of wearing green and going out to lunch and then shopping. This year we went to the Old Spaghetti Factory and ate on a train car. It was fun.

Then we went to Circle Center Mall and shopped our little hearts away. Although my sister couldn't join us, we did pick up someone else. My future cousin-in-law. She is so sweet and we really enjoyed getting to know her better.

Next month is my mom's birthday and we are thinking about going for Sushi. My sister is going to flip out when she hears that. She is pretty picky!


Daylight Savings Time.....I am not really enjoying you yet! I actually hate you in the mornings! Although I am not getting tired now at 3pm, but that's not enough to make up for your horrible mornings. At least I wasn't late for church!

Please adjust your attitude DST. I would like to enjoy you! Maybe on Thursday when the weather is supposed to be 70! Let's hope

Love BB.

Friday, March 4, 2011


I am so excited to share that Gracie will be playing soccer this year. She just turned 4 so this will be here first ever team/sport. She is so excited though and has been practicing, inside the house, with her Disney Princess soccer ball.

I don't have any information yet on practices or games but know that she will play in Franklin.

Danny is also excited and has been looking for soccer cleats online.

Of course we will have to get an outfit for Lilly too even though she is still to young and petite to play on the team. But if you do for one you do for both in our family.

So excited!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Recipe - Parmesan Meatloaf

Last night a made a new dish. Parmesan Meatloaf. I love meatloaf my husband, not so much. So I found a recipe for Chicken Parmesan Meatloaf here. The only problem was I didn't have some of the ingredients so I just kind of played Chef!

My husband doesn't really like ground turkey or ground chicken - it taste funny he says
So I used ground beef. I also didn't want to dice my onion or get the frozen onion pieces out of the freezer so I just sprinkled in some dried onions. And who really has fresh Parmesan cheese at home, so I used the Kraft Green Parmesan shaker.

I paired it with a box of tomato Parmesan noodles from Rice a Roni and the result was amazing! We loved it and actually my hubby said it is his new favorite dish! Score one for me.

Well I wanted to share the recipe with you all. It almost reminds me of a pasta-less lasagna.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Mem

Mary and "Bud" Lamberti

Today is My Mem's Birthday. Mem is my grandmother, my Mom's mom

Mary Ethal Hickam was born on March 1st, 1933

She was the second of four girls.

She married Domenick Guido Lamberti. Yep he is Italian!

They meet at an Army Dance camp at Camp Atterbury right after my Poppy got out of the Army. She danced with him that night because he was good looking and his teeth glowed from across the room! (because of the Italian dark skin.) They married 3 months later!

Mem worked as an Office Manager for many years for various Financial/Loan companies in downtown Indianapolis. My mom used to go to work with her mom on days off from school. My mom wanted to be just like her. Well she is and so is her daughter.

Mem and Poppy had 2 girls of their own. Marcia Lamberti and Gina Lamberti

My mem was a wonderful beautiful person. She was also very smart. I have a lot of fond memories of her. She loved all of her grandchildren very much. I remember her taking me out on my birthday's to lunch at the Lazarus Tea room and shopping at the mall. I remember spending the night at her house, wearing her fur coat and silver sequin hat dancing in her living room. I remember watching The Wizard of Oz and The Dirt Bike Kid ( Does anyone else remember this movie) over and over.
My mem loved her coffee especially at night. Because I admired her I also loved coffee. I thought she was giving me the real stuff till I realized it was a splash of coffee in my hot chocolate. I still love coffee to this day.
My Mem loved to do Charles Wysocki puzzles and crosswords. Everyone in the family would help.
Unfortunately my Mem developed Alzheimer's. Just like her mom had. Although we were all sad to see this happen we cherish all the wonderful memories we have of her. We will always remember her for her beauty, elegance, charm, kindness, cooking ( she was a great cook. Just like my Mom and aunt Marcia) Her loyalty and devotion to her family.
I knew she was a great grandmother but now that I have children of my own I truly cherish what a wonderful grandmother she really was. I see her every time I look at my mother when she is with her grandchildren. It's funny too because my girls remind me of myself and my sister. Does that mean a boy is on the way! j/k had to lighten it up a bit! :)
Happy Birthday Mem. We love you and Miss you but know that we will see you and Poppy one day!