Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Halloween Costume...

Every year we dress up at work. It's really fun and we even have a Halloween Costume Party for our college students. The first year I was a Chef, the second year I was a Sheriff and this year I was a...

Can you guess what I am?

Wait for it.......

Did you guess right?

I am a "ceiling Fan" Get it? lol

Strange things...

So a lot of strange things have been happening lately at work. Like take for instance the big storm we had the other day. It was really raining and there was a tornado watch just on the west side of the city. Well I walked into our Dean's office and said, " Now what happens if we hear a Tornado coming." Only I didn't get to say Tornado coming b/c all the power went out. We immediately started laughing and she said, " oh Breanne please don't finish your sentence, please just go and sit down!" too weird right.

oh then today I get a text message from me BFF on her work cell that says..."your Boss just lost his tooth" ok that's weird too right!

Any way just thought I would share...

Happy Halloween

PS I can't wait to post pictures of Gracie and Lilly's Halloween Costume. Gracie is super excited and has been "flying" all around the house. Here is a sneak peak of their costumes.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cute story

I have a cute story to share about Gracie

The other day we went to my Dad and Step mom's for my step brother's Farewell party, he is going to boot camp for the Marines at the end of the month. Well they had a big buffet of food. Although it was perfect for grown ups there weren't a lot of items for picky kids to eat. But Gracie decided she would go and make her own plate. I admire the initiative. She comes back to the table with a deviled egg and to black olives. Hmmm.....

Well Danny and I immediately look at each other and start to "mind talk"
Me: " What does she have on her plate?" with a fake oh my goodness smile on my face

Danny: "Is that a deviled egg and black olives? I don't even eat those items, oh this is going to be good!!!!" with a I can't wait to see this smile on his face

So she takes a bite of the deviled egg, which I am assuming she thinks is some type of dessert item. She immediately has this face like this is not sweet or good! She then hands the rest of the egg to Danny and says " Can you hold this?"

She then goes for the black olives. In the mouth, out the mouth. "Yuck" bless her heart she thought they were blue berries. :)

Oh gosh it was so funny. It was one of those you had to be there stories. The funniest part is that everyone at the table just watched her eat those items with wide eyes and big smiles on their faces. It was almost like a prank, but she pranked herself.

So much for stepping outside the pasta, macaroni and cheese box. Well good news she does like blue berries. :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

71 days...

Did you know that there are only 71 days till Christmas. Did you also know that Santa has a blog? click here to check it out. Kiddos can write a message to Santa, how cute.

Ok so I am not really in the Christmas spirit yet (although there is a coworker that announces the countdown daily) because I want to enjoy Trick or Treating with the girls and then I will start to dream about Thanksgiving and all the Delicious food. But I do want to start thinking about Christmas crafts, gifts and projects. I want some of my gifts to be homemade especially since I have a lot of immediate family members but not a lot of cash! ;) Plus homemade gifts are so sentimental and I think people really appreciate the time and effort you put into it.

So what I need from you are examples or hints. I have a few ideas but would really like a few more. Is there something you love to make for your friends and family for Christmas? Have you seen a neat blog with neat DIY ideas? Let me know and I will check it out.

I also want to do a Cookie swap this year. So do you have any good recipes that I should try?

Thanks for your help, I look forward to your ideas!

Monday, October 11, 2010


Today my baby sister got married. Everything turned out really nice. I have a few pictures from my camera phone, and most of them star me! :) Hopefully my moms and dads got good pics too.

My baby sister "Lizzy B" (that's what I have always called her. Her real name is Brooke Elizabeth) My dad and my bubbs ( DJ, my brother) Yes I have a handsome family! :)

My beautiful mom. She had the most stunning dress. I hope to get a better picture later.

The flower girls and Papaw
My hubby and me. He never smiles like this. So I got lucky

My Aunt Marcia and Lilly

I think she gets her smile from her dad!

The photographer has posted a few pics on facebook here

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Toot your own horn Tuesday

It's Toot Your Own Horn Tuesday.

Want to see what I made?

The other day my friend Lisa posted a cute picture of her breakfast here. After I saw that it inspired me to do something similar.

I love cooking and baking so that wasn't a problem. I just needed inspiration. After a few yahoo searches on fall baking I had an idea, two Actually. Today I am posting the Pumpkin Butter here

Later I will post the spice cake with maple frosting.

I also made the Pumpkin arrangement. I just bought a carveble pumpkin from Old Time Pottery, placed a green foam square at the bottom and started adding my favorite fall flowers. It is a couple of years old so that is why it looks so straggly. :) lol

If you want to link up to my post you can. You can also link up to the Official Page here


Friday, October 1, 2010

New Product

I have a new favorite product. It is the Febreez Air Effect - Pumpkin Harvest

The main reason why I love this is because it instantly smells like fall. It reminds me of pumpkins, fall leaves and cinnamon all in one.
I found it at the local Walmart for about $3.00