Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring...are you there?

Happy Spring everyone. What a beautiful day here in Indiana. The sun is shinning, the birds are whistling and the flowers are blooming. WAIT what? Oh I am sorry....that is wrong information.

Hey has anyone seen that Groundhog, Phil? Well you tell him, that I am not happy. An early Spring he said....not in the least bit. Last year this day is was 83 degrees. 83 Phil! Do you know what the temp is today? 27. Looks like someone needs to retire. Just saying. ☺

Well so today is not warm nor is it above freezing but it isn't snowing and I know we are getting closer to nicer temps. "They" say that it is a good sign that it isn't so warm right now because just maybe we won't have an awful drought and hot temps we had last year.

I know it is near, I can fill it in my bones. My girls are aching to get outside. Just the other day Grace decided she was going out into the backyard to play. I had to remind her that it was just 24 degrees and that it was raining. To that response she said, but the Sun is out. Oh if it were only that easy. It is coming my dear child. You better get ready because mommy and daddy plan on spending a lot of time outside. Lots of park time planned, picnics, blowing bubbles and swinging. I also plan on making a lot of tea and lemonade. ♥

Are you excited for Spring. What are you fun Spring plans? What is the temperature in your area?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dairy free yogurt

I love Yogurt! The only problem is that I am Lactose Intolerant. There aren't a lot of good DF choices out there though. Yoplait did have a lactose free yogurt which was delicious. However I am having a very hard time finding it now at any store. (tear) It is in a white and green container. If you see it, PLEASE let me know. I love it and would be forever grateful to you! Heck, pick up on for yourself. You will love it too. ♥

So in the meantime I have been trying other yogurts. I recently tried the Silk brand made with Almond milk. I tied the blueberry and black cherry. I still have a peach flavored yogurt in the fridge.

I will say it is a lot better than any other soy yogurt I have tried but not as good as the Yoplait yogurt. The texture and taste are a little off but something I could get use to.

Have you ever tried any of the Silk brand yogurts? What is your favorite type or brand of yogurt?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My favorite spring pattern

I went shopping this weekend and realized afterward that I was trending a pattern.

I enjoy the romantic pattern. It is soft, pink and flowery and very much me. Plus I had Spring on my mind.

Do you have go to patterns or styles  you usually shop for? Classic, edgy, boho chic?

The bowls are from Kroger at $1.47 a piece. The bag is from Forever 21 at $8.50 and the soap is also from Forever 21 at $3.50

Monday, March 11, 2013

A few funnies from Danny....

As I was going through my blog post I found this in my drafts from 2011. I never posted. It is too funny to not share. My husband cracks me up and can always make me laugh. We are very sarcastic to each other but we have so much fun together. He can make me laugh like no other and we have so many inside jokes. That may be one of my favorite things about him. Here you go, and Enjoy!...

Me: I bought you toaster strudels, they are like cheap cherry turnovers.

D: I know what they are, I grew up on them!

Me: You grew up on them? Your mom bought them for you when you were a kid?

D: No when I was an adult.

Me: Oh so like when you were 20 and living at home?

D: Yea!

D: I like golf but it is so frustrating that I am not very good. I want to go back to playing basketball.
 I am honestly surprised when the ball doesn't go in.....

To his defense he is a very good basketball player, so much for being humble though! haha

Thanks Danny for the many laughs.

Like a good wife, I made him pose by Buzz.
Please resume the rest of your day... ☺

Friday, March 8, 2013

Aunt Marcia's Saturday morning donuts

As a kid growing up I used to spend a lot of time with my cousin TJ. We are 9 months apart. My mom only has 1 sibling, my aunt Marcia. So for the first four years it was just TJ and I. We were really close and did a lot of things together. I remember staying all night at Marcia's house and it seemed that every Saturday morning she would make these really delicious donuts. They were your basic refrigerator biscuits donuts. I always thought they were such a treat and so neat that she would make just for us. So I decided to make the same treat for my girls.

We started out with generic biscuits from Kroger (.49) we flattened them and then used a glass bottle cap. You remember the kind, like the ones from he old Pepsi glass bottles. You can use anything round or a cookie cutter but this is how my aunt did it so I am keeping with tradition. The girls helped me do this part. Although I did have to help pull the dough out of the bottle cap.

I then heated up a pan of oil ( I used Sunflower) and dropped in the biscuits. (Note: do not let kids around hot oil, Adults only) I recommend only frying 2 at a time. Don't overcrowd the pot. It only takes about 60 seconds on each side or until golden brown. Then place the baked donuts on a paper plate covered with a paper towel. I made a cinnamon and sugar mix which I dipped the baked donuts in after ever so slightly drying off on the paper towel.

Don't they look yummy? I also added dark chocolate sauce, carmel, and grape jelly to cute little dishes for easy dipping. I thought the girls would really enjoy this but Danny and I ate most of the toppings.  I also made a pumpkin pie mixture which I added to the cinnamon sugar mixture. It was tasty (side note: I made two pumpkin donuts. 1 for danny and 1 for myself. They were placed on top and Danny and I ate them first. Every donut Gracie picked up she said, oops I think I got the pumpkin one, No you didn't grace...Mom, is this one the pumpkin one...on and on it went. ☺)

The girls enjoyed their special treat and I enjoyed telling them the stories of our Aunt Marcia making these donuts for me when I was a little girl. I love passing down traditions and memories.
What will you share with your children/family this weekend?

Friday, March 1, 2013

Hello March

Goodbye February. HELLO March.

 I am so happy to see you arrive. Lots of neat things going on in March. St. Patrick's Day. I love any holiday I can dress up for. My Favorite Aunt's birthday is also on St. Patty's Day. We always do a girl day and do something fun.

 This year we are going to lunch and then going to see OZ The Great and Powerful. The Wizard of Oz is sentimental to our family. My grandmother (Mem) only owned two videos while I was growing up and this was one of them. I can remember watching it numerous times throughout my childhood. I would run into the other room when the monkeys were on and Mem would yell back when they were gone. TWoO reminds me and my family of Mem. So I found it fitting that we all go and see the Prequel. Note: my husband has never seen this movie all the way trough. Weird.

Another reason I enjoy March is because it holds the first day of spring. Although it may not feel like Spring we know it's a comin'. Good Friday is also in March which means so is Easter. I love Easter. Lilly is super excited about Easter this year. We have been counting down for two weeks now.

Last night driving home, it was dark around 6:30, I saw two bunnies running around the yard. I was excited, came in and told Danny that Spring was just around the corner. A few minutes later he said to me....

D: "You know bunnies are out all year long right"
B: "What?"
D: "They don't just come out in the spring."
B: ".......Yes they do? I don't see them in the winter.... And explain the Easter bunny to me!"
D: "yelp you got me there" (rolling of the eyes)

Either way let's give a warm welcome to March!