Wednesday, July 28, 2010

O'Charley's Sweet Potato Fries

Have you been to O'charley's lately? Have you tried their amazing new Sweet Potato Fries? Well you should!

(Side note) Danny and I have a love for anything sweet potato. Anytime we go to Texas Roadhouse we always get a loaded sweet potato with Cinnamon,sugar and toasted marshmallows. This is how I knew Danny was the one for me. We went out with a group of friends before seriously dating and we both ordered our sweet potato the same way. I often keep can's of them at my house too. Oh and my Aunt makes the best sweet potato dish you have ever had, but don't try to recreate b/c it just won't work.

On Danny's birthday we met my mom and step-dad at O'Charley's for lunch. And all three of them ordered the sweet potato fries. I was being good that day and stuck with my favorite salad, the California Chicken Salad. (and no, I am not being paid to write this, just sharing my love of food! :) )

Well these fries are absolutely amazing. I ate a good portion of Danny's. The rest of the day they were all I could think about. So a few days later I decided to treat myself to them again. And they were still amazing. So please do yourself a favor and stop by O'Charley's to try out their new amazing menu items. Or at least order a side of fries, their only $2.69. You can't pass that up.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Cute things said....

So it's that time again for more cute things said by my two daughters and or Husband. I understand that these may not be funny to anyone else but sure do get me a smiling and laughing so I decided to share. Thankfully my house is always full of laughter and silly moments.

1) Danny: "I like Grace"

Me: "oh you do, Why?"

Danny: "She eats the pretzels" ( Danny and I love Chex mix but hate the pretzels. At least they won't go to waste now! haha)

2) The other day my mom and I were at the Christmas tree Store! (btw....this store is awesome and one of my favorite stores) I had both girls in the cart and mom and I were talking. Lilly was rattling something off over and over and like a good, multitasking mom, I just ignored it. My mom finally said..."Bree, do you hear what she is saying?" and then Lilly repeated it..."Mom, I farted!"

Oh goodness, I am sure the whole store has heard her say this 5 or 6 times now and I just keep letting her say it. Oh well, Live goes on! haha.

3) We are in the kitchen early Saturday morning and I am starting to make breakfast and Lilly starts getting anxious....

Me: Girls what did mommy tell you

Gracie: We know, You don't have four hands!

Me: Thank you Gracie

Gracie: Now where's my milk?

Me: uhhhhh......

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


1980 was a great year. Not that I remember it because I wasn't born until 1983. But I know it was a great year because July 11th 1983 is when my husband was born. As usual we met at Barger Farms for a joint family birthday party. He didn't want any gifts just money so he could purchase himself new hunting gear. Sunday morning, his actual birthday, we went to the Bass Pro shop in Clarksville. He was like a little kid in a candy store. I don't know how many times he circled the hunting section picking out the right gear. He would try it on, put it in the cart, then try something else on and put the first item when on and on. It actually was a nice quick day trip and he got something I really think he will use for a while. Now let's just hope he gets a turkey or a deer this year.

Of course it wouldn't be a party if the "boys" didn't have their guns. (no animals or people were harmed during this time)

Danny and his Dad. I sure hope he is as sweet as his Dad when he grows up! :)

My Aunt gave him a pack of Dr Thunder's (it's an inside can tell by his huge smile)

Danny's mom had placed some of Danny's old clothes, toys and schoolwork on a table for all to enjoy. ( every one's favorite item was his journal from elementary school. We all got a good kick out of his writing and thinking. It should be it's own blog post someday.)
This was his hat and his favorite toy truck. Gracie was only allowed to hold the truck for the picture. She was instructed by Danny to not play with it. And he meant it.

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Flying Cupcake

There is this really awesome cupcake place located off of Mass Ave that is only 3 minutes from my work. A lot of people from work really love the different variety of cupcakes and now so do I. I am ashamed to admit that I have tasted quite a few! lol There has only been one that I was disappointed in. But it's not one they offer a lot so I probably no why. The cupcakes are priced $2.50-$3.75 But honestly It's worth every penny and great for those special occasions or just wanting to treat yourself.

Please check out their website. The are also on Facebook where they list their flavors daily.

I love this place so much that I have actually had a few talks with Danny about opening up my own store. However Mine would be a pie store. If you remember a few weeks back I asked for every one's favorite pie recipe. Well that was two fold. 1. Next year I want to enter a pie into the State Fair. You even get money if you win. And then can qualify for a $5000 prize for the best pie in the country. Now by no means am I expecting to win that or even place at the fair but wouldn't that be cool if I did! 2. I need to gave great pies if I am going to have my own store.

Ok so back to the Flying cupcake. Please take a look around their website, and if you live or work close I promise you won't be disappointed. Now the store is a little girlie which is I think the Main reason why I love it.

Want to know my favorite?

Peanut Butter Blackout & Here Comes The Bride

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

45 degrees

So I went to the coolest restaurant today for lunch. It was a Sushi restaurant called 45 Degrees. It's off of Mass Ave. They have really good lunch specials....which is why we went.

For Just $7.95 you get 1 roll ( 8 pieces) and soup or salad. I got the California roll with crab, avocado, and cucumber. I also got the Miso soup. This was interesting because it had little chunks of tofu and seaweed. I didn't hate it but next time I think I will opt for the salad. There are 6 different types you can choose from (which are typical salads) I went with two gals from work and one got the California roll with a nice summer salad and the other got the vegetarian roll with Miso soup. I tried the vegetarian roll because it has everything I love... avocado, cucumber, scallions, sprouts, and asparagus. The only thing I really didn't like was the big piece of seaweed wrapped around the rice. It was a little tough and chewy. But hey, that's seaweed for you. :)

Overall I really enjoyed the atmosphere, the sushi roll was great, the price was fantastic. I would definitely go back.

Oh did I mention they had these cute little soy bottles. I will definitely be purchasing some at the store. Now I just need a couple of good recipes to go with them.