Monday, June 28, 2010

A Pie Contest

Ok this is a quick blog. One simple question and one simple answer (hopefully).

If I were baking you your favorite pie, what type of pie would I be baking?

I know, I know! Why am I asking this random question. Well stay tuned for more details. :)

Thanks Team!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm a strange one...

Ok so we all have weird habits, let's just admit it! That way I don't feel as ridiculous when telling you this.

So I have been buying fresh fruit a lot lately for both me and the girls. The girls love their strawberries and grapes and I do too (or so I thought)

So in the morning I will make up a little baggie for both the girls and me for our lunch. Lunch time rolls around and I decide no I think I will save my fruit for my mid afternoon snack. Then snack time comes around. I open my container or bag of fruit and almost dry heave. I literally can't make myself eat the strawberries. And red grapes, oh no!

Isn't this weird. In the morning I can't wait to eat them. In the afternoon I loathe them.

What is wrong with me?

I have learned though that I like the green grapes. Please don't offer me any other color. I just can't stomach it.

I will also eat strawberries if they're in something, like a salad or a cake. Just as long as their not cut up and fresh and to be eaten by theirselves.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Do you like Pizza?

If you like pizza and live anywhere close to Franklin, Indiana then you should try Richard's Brick Oven Pizza. Yum Yum and at a good price.

My mom actually introduced me to this place. Thanks Mom.

So the restaurant is actually a flower place converted into a pizza joint.

There isn't a lot on the menu but it's all good.

So start with your appetizer. The cheesy pinwheels. They are brushed with garlic butter and basil I believe.

Then for your pizza you can choose from a list of several different toppings but the pizza is all one size about 8-9 pieces. The list consist of Pepperonis, Sausage, Italian Sausage, Red Onions, Mushrooms, Spinach, Anchovies, Capers ( that's just gross) Feta, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Red peppers and maybe one or two more toppings.

We picked Pepperoni and mushrooms the first time, and the next time we went back ( Not even a week later) we had pepperoni, spinach, and feta. Now I am not a big cheese fan due to the Lactose problem I suffer ( this is a big understatement) As my friend Abbie always says, it (cheese) makes me rocket to the moon. lol My Bff can also attest to this....Just ask her about Vegas. Oh well Just another day for me...

Sorry, hope that didn't ruin the deliciousness of this post....

Honestly the feta was too salty for me the spinach though a delightful addition.

To me the pizza portion is just right and not really greasy either.

To top the (first) night off, Danny and I tried the Tiramisu (sp). Very good.
We actually got our pizza free the first night b/c the waitress gave our pizza to another table.

On the second night Danny and I actually tried the Spinach Artichoke dip. I actually liked that better. It came with about 8 warm, garlic, flat bread pieces.

Appetizer - $5.00
Pizza - $7.00 plus $1 for each additional topping - $10.00
Total - Cheap dinner with fabulous atmosphere and good food.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gigi's gifts

One thing I love about my mom is that she is a very generous person. She loves to buy people little gifts. If she sees something and it reminds her of you, she will most likely buy it for you. She has really been getting into the whole thrift/vintage/flea market shopping. With in the last two weeks she has founds some fabulous fines.

This first one is a Tupperware colander/strainer. It is the bigger version of what we used growing up. She still uses her small yellow colander to this day. Now my girls and I will get to use one too. Imagine of all the mac & cheese we could make! lol

The next item is a beautiful large Pyrex bowl. My strawberry spinach salad would look beautiful in it.

The last item is a small divided Tupperware container. It will be just perfect for my lunches.

Thanks mommy for all you do. I love that you love what I love! :) lol
Here's to more shopping and finding fabulous finds for cheap cheap cheap.

New M&M's

So the other day standing in the checkout line, I looked to my left and what did I see?

Pretzel M&M's

I thought to myself, oh these will take like chocolate covered pretzels.

My friends they do not! But more a pretzel covered in chocolate. Does this make sense to anyone else? First bite I was like.....hmmm...second bite...ok....third bite.....ok sweet and salty. I still don't know if I liked them.

I saved some for the hubby to try. Of course he was like oh yea it taste like a chocolate covered pretzel. UMM....NO it doesn't. His reply, oh yea, weird, hmmm....

My palette is very defined (for a normal person) especially compared to his. So I really wasn't satisfied with his reaction or response.

So now I encourage you to try your own. What do they taste like to you? Do you like them? Would you recommend them to a friend?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Look at my finds!

Hello everyone! I am so super happy and have to share my wonderful news or finds with you. One of my blog friends posted this link on her blog. It is an estate finder website. You click on your state then enter your city. It will find the closet estate sells to you.

So I checked it out and found there was one just 20 minuets away from my work. Since I can take up to an hour lunch I figured why not. As soon as I walked into the door just to my left I found exactly what I wanted.
Isn't it beautiful? I don't yet know where I am going to put it but I am thinking in my Dinning room where I am redecorating it in black and white.

These following items I found for $.25-$.75 So I couldn't resist.

As I was waiting for the estate team to ring me up I took one last look around the house and I found this awesome piece just hanging in the kitchen.

I have always wanted a spice rack. Since my hubby and I are redoing our kitchen we will repaint this and hang it on one of our walls. Can't wait to post pictures of that. Although it will be another month or so. Too busy right now with finishing up school and too many Birthdays. Like the big 2 for Lilly or the big 30 for my handsome hubby.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


So there were many things I loved about my vacation to Myrtle Beach South Carolina. While visiting a buffett my husband and I came across a new drink. Cheerwine. Have you ever heard of it? If so that's probably because you have been to the Carolinas or Virginia.
When Danny and I first tasted it I decribed it to him as a Cherry Coke with extra Carbonation. He described it as a Cherry Coke with out the Coke. lol. Here is how Wiki describes it...

Cheerwine is a soft drink produced by the Carolina Beverage Corporation of Salisbury, North Carolina. It has been produced since 1917.Cheerwine has a very sweet cherry flavor, is burgundy-colored, and has an unusually high degree of carbonation compared to other soft drinks. The product was named for its color and taste; the company website states that "it made sense to name a burgundy-red, bubbly, cherry concoction—Cheerwine." Unlike Root Beer, Cheerwine contains no fortified alcohol.

Are you tempted to try some? If so here is a website to locate the product in your town.