Tuesday, April 12, 2011

is this a new journey...

Ever since Lilly was a newborn she has always had a pooping problem. (warning-if you don't want to hear about poop skip down to the next paragraph) Sometimes it would be as hard as a rock. There would be a lot of crying (her and me) pain, bleeding, doctor calling, and sacredness of the "next" time. After talking with the doctor she prescribed Miralax. A tasteless powder substance that I mix in with her drink. The powder worked and sometimes a little too much. Her "issue" would go from one extreme to the other. I personally just didn't feel right constantly giving her medicine. I felt like she relied on the medicine and her body needed this to be able to regulate itself. Even though the doctor's office/nurse said it was completely ok for her to take it everyday, I didn't. I was told she will just grow out of it. Well she is turning 3 in a couple of months and guess what she still has this problem. Anyway about a year ago, after doing some reach, I found that she has what I believe to be a gluten allergy - celiac disease. When we watch her gluten intake she doesn't suffer the problems. And when she does eat it, well it starts to get miserable again. Thankfully she has a good palate and loves all kinds of fresh vegetables and fruit. I said all of that to say this, I think I need to change my families diet. My husband has been experiencing a rash. He went to his doctor. Long story short, he was told he has been eating to much sugar,yeast. He can eat unprocessed meats, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables, eggs, honey and natural oatmeal. He was also told to buy Ezekiel bread, which will be good for him and Lilly. Besides my grocery bill sky rocketing, I am now trying to think of fresh food ideas to use that are sugar/yeast free and gluten free. I sure am glad that we are getting ready to start our garden. Looks like I will be canning a lot more than last year. But if it means a healthy family I will do it. All of this has really had me thinking about all the processed foods we eat and how they are negatively effecting my family's health. If you have any good websites or good meal ideas let me know. I am always open to suggestions and help. Let the journey begin...


  1. Lilly will love you for this post when she is 13 and I point her to it.

    An Uncle's job is a tough one but one that I am thoroughly qualified for.