Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Last night's dinner

So last night I went to the store again and bought $27 worth of fresh fruits and vegetables. I also bought the Ezekiel bread at $4.99 for a loaf. Honestly I wasn't' that impressed and a friend has actually suggested another brand. Danny liked it though but we are still going to try to other brand.

So for dinner, I marinated fish in a little bit of olive oil, fresh lemon juice, herbs, a garlic clove and just a tad of honey. I also marinated asparagus in olive oil and lemon juice.

It was a nice fresh meal and it was super easy to cook.

I needed a few more ideas so I looked up Cooking Light's website. I found some really good recipes.

Tonight I will marinate chicken breast in this sugar-free, 100% nectar and Orange juice I bought and add in lemon zest, garlic and a tad bit of salt and pepper. I will also make a fresh salsa with tomatoes onions and cucumbers. Since Danny can have potatoes and real butter I will probably try to fry him some since he has been doing so well.

Cooking Light, Done right, Oh so good for us! hehe

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  1. Bravo to you Bree for taking such good care of your family!!! It would not surprise me that Lilly has a gluten allergy. Keep up the good work. P.S. I have noticed that Kroger carries a lot of gluten free products now.