Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gracie's Rant

Yesterday on our way home from VBS Gracie started talking to me. At first I wasn't really listening b/c let's be honest that girl can talk. Then I started really listening to what she was saying. Apparently something had set her off and she was getting upset. To sum it up here is what she had to say.....

"When I get home there better not be trash in our yard. I know our neighbors did it and that is bad isn't it mommy? Trash does not belong in the yard it belongs in the trash can. If I see one piece of trash I am going to tell Daddy and then guess what, we might call the police. Mommy there won't be thrash will there b/c we will just move if our neighbors put trash in our yard again. Daddy said only toys can be in the yard........"

Well I just couldn't help but laugh I mean seriously a 4 year old going off about our neighbors putting trash in our yard. We occasionally get polar pops in our yard, we live across from a park so I think that is too be expected. But the other night someone threw a stuffed gorilla, a juice box and random egg shells in our back yard. She must have been reliving that whole "experience" She is just too funny and quite entertaining.

Good news: there was no trash. Even better news our neighbors have moved out, let's just hope the new neighbors are a little more tidy. I would hate for Gracie to get mad.

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