Friday, October 14, 2011

The New Mom Jeans

Today we were allowed to wear jeans to work if we paid $5. All the money was going to the Breast Cancer walk some of our employees are participating in tomorrow. We all love jean day so of course I participated. Well I also had to be at work early today to open the front desk which means I work up at 5:15am. I only got 6 hours of sleep.

At 12noon I took my lunch break and went to use the little girl's room. And in there I noticed that my jeans were just horrible, I hated the way the looked on me and the way it made my figure look. They weren't flattering at all, they were actually quite boxy. I remember them being a boot cut, I didn't realize though that was term for boyish. As I am stretching, which by the way is completely normal thing for me to do in the bathroom, squats, leg lifts, a little Tae boe, Anyway that is when I realized...................I had on freaking MAN jeans. Are you serious, I have on Danny's Jeans? Which actually is quite awesome because if anyone has ever met Danny he is a little on the skinny side.

I was so embarrassed that I immediately told at least 5 of my friends, who were also amazed. One of them said, Hey at least he wasn't wearing yours. Now that I would like to see! Nevermind, I wouldn't

So about a month ago, my mom made a silly fashion error and wore her shrug upside down, to a very nice restaurant. We all made fun of her and I said to her quote " How could you do that and not notice" Touche Breanne Touche.

Note to self, no matter what time you get up in the morning, please make sure you grab your own jeans!


  1. This makes me laugh! You and Danny are cute -- and now you can share pants. haha :)

  2. LOL!! This is friggin hilarious!! I had a tank top on inside out a couple of days ago. Good thing I noticed before I left the house...and don't even ask me why I had a bra in my purse when I went out to eat tonight. Oh and your MOM - I have totally put those shrug/shawl things on upside down too!

  3. I love this! When we were in high school Levi had a pair of my underwear roll out of one of his pant legs while he was in the hallway. Now talk about embarrassing!!! lol.

  4. So funny Bree..... So should I tell on myself? A few months back, I got dressed in my dimly lit closet. After I got to work that day....oh, I think it was about noon. I noticed I had on one black and one blue shoe. It was April Fools day to be exact. I felt so silly but laughed at myself right along with everyone else that I told. Ohhhh those moments. :)