Thursday, November 3, 2011

October wrap up

Not sure if I am been busy or just not motivated. I have been neglecting my blog because I just haven't had the extra energy. But I missed you all and thought I would catch you up.

My Birthday(s) were all great. My husbands side of the family through me a great birthday. It was called "An evening in the field" You all know by now that my husband grew up on a farm, well this also comes with eating a lot of family meals in the field out of the back of a pick up. My SIL thought it would be nice to recreate this for me. It was so much fun and kind of hope we do it every year. My BIL, her husband Brian, did a nice post that I will add here. You should check it out. Thanks Butlers for all you did, I had a wonderful time.

The only other big event was Halloween. We took the girls to our Church on Saturday. I don't have a lot to say because it was kind of a dud. I don't say this to be mean but since my girls are 4 and 3 they honestly could only do 4 games and 2 of the games I had to "help" Lilly. Good news I did, I mean Lilly, won a fish! His name is Hal short for Halloween. The girls love it. I think Danny is hoping we keep the fish and get rid of the cat. Or hoping the dog eats the cat. ( j/k)

Maybe next year I could volunteer to help think of games for the younger children. But in all actuallality we thank them for their efforts.

Halloween night was awesome. We took the girls to my dad's neigboor hood to go TOT. All of my immediate family met at my dads, we had Awesome Chicken chilli, cornbread, and my mom's famous pumpkin bars and a pumpkin roll.

My Dad and Lilly

After dinner we went TOT. Gracie of course loved it. She took charge and wanted to ring every door bell. Poor Lilly, after the second house she asked for her stroller. She is tiny and always feels she needs to remind us she has tiny legs. She got carried a lot.

Gracie was Sleeping Beauty and Lilly was Tinkerbelle

Aunt Marica helped a lot! She is an awesome Aunt

Gracie asked if the skeleton was real, still not sure she checked it out with her wand.

After we went TOT we sat outside and passed out candy to the rest of the neighboor hood.

October was great. Now I am excited for November and Thanksgiving! Yummy.

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