Monday, June 28, 2010

A Pie Contest

Ok this is a quick blog. One simple question and one simple answer (hopefully).

If I were baking you your favorite pie, what type of pie would I be baking?

I know, I know! Why am I asking this random question. Well stay tuned for more details. :)

Thanks Team!


  1. I am not really really big on pie (I am more of a cake girl) so I am probably not the best to ask- but I really like sweet potato pie as well as pumpkin pie...

  2. Sugar Cream or Apple with a super crunchy crust,,,,,

  3. Frootie,
    Funny you said this b/c I am wanting to make my own recipe that is like a bread pudding/sugar cream/apple mix. Liking your idea. :)

    Thanks Ladies....keep it coming.

  4. I love pie!!!! Picking a favorite is almost impossible. But right now I am thinking rhubarb pie sounds awesome!

    Your idea for a bread pudding/sugar cream pie sounds intriguing. Brian would love it!

  5. lemon meringue sounds good to me in the summer time.
    I would never turn down a bread pudding/sugar cream pie combination either.