Saturday, June 5, 2010

Look at my finds!

Hello everyone! I am so super happy and have to share my wonderful news or finds with you. One of my blog friends posted this link on her blog. It is an estate finder website. You click on your state then enter your city. It will find the closet estate sells to you.

So I checked it out and found there was one just 20 minuets away from my work. Since I can take up to an hour lunch I figured why not. As soon as I walked into the door just to my left I found exactly what I wanted.
Isn't it beautiful? I don't yet know where I am going to put it but I am thinking in my Dinning room where I am redecorating it in black and white.

These following items I found for $.25-$.75 So I couldn't resist.

As I was waiting for the estate team to ring me up I took one last look around the house and I found this awesome piece just hanging in the kitchen.

I have always wanted a spice rack. Since my hubby and I are redoing our kitchen we will repaint this and hang it on one of our walls. Can't wait to post pictures of that. Although it will be another month or so. Too busy right now with finishing up school and too many Birthdays. Like the big 2 for Lilly or the big 30 for my handsome hubby.


  1. SCORE!!!!! What a fun lunch break!! I am in love with that orange dish! I bought a spice cabinet this weekend as well!

  2. I love estate auctions! So many good finds. Looks like you did really well!