Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gigi's gifts

One thing I love about my mom is that she is a very generous person. She loves to buy people little gifts. If she sees something and it reminds her of you, she will most likely buy it for you. She has really been getting into the whole thrift/vintage/flea market shopping. With in the last two weeks she has founds some fabulous fines.

This first one is a Tupperware colander/strainer. It is the bigger version of what we used growing up. She still uses her small yellow colander to this day. Now my girls and I will get to use one too. Imagine of all the mac & cheese we could make! lol

The next item is a beautiful large Pyrex bowl. My strawberry spinach salad would look beautiful in it.

The last item is a small divided Tupperware container. It will be just perfect for my lunches.

Thanks mommy for all you do. I love that you love what I love! :) lol
Here's to more shopping and finding fabulous finds for cheap cheap cheap.

1 comment:

  1. Of course I LOVE that Pyrex!! She has great taste!