Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Slow down....

So many times in the past I have asked for things to hurry up, my childhood, my high school days, my college days, My engagement!, my pregnancies and so on. but now I am asking for things to slow down. I haven't been able to stop and smell the roses...I haven't even been able to notice the roses. I have so so so much I want to blog about, which I understand may only be important to me, but still I want to blog and can't. I log on really fast to check the most current blogs, check my yahoo and facebook accounts and log off. I see no end in sight b/c once again I have something planned every night for this week. My work schedule for next month and the first two weeks of October is completely full. I can't even catch up on my house work which really needs to be done. My best friend just hired a maid and I am so jealous. She gets a maid every Saturday morning for 5 hours. Ugh! Well she does deserve it, she is 10 weeks pregnant and has been really sick lately. :) Ok well Maybe soon I will find time to update my blog. My next blog will be about either my favorite things or my birthday wish list. Either way, I will have fun.

Till next time


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