Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's Fair Time

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to visit fairs. Our County Fair is always in July, right after the Hubby's birthday. I seriously start counting down till fair time in May. I love the food, seeing old friends, taking the girls to see all the animals and people watching. And this year my niece entered a couple of drawings, which she won awards for, so we also enjoyed seeing that.

We let Gracie play a couple of games. Lilly just watched.

she wasn't so good at this one, but when she played the next game she won...

She was in love with this dog right away.

Danny got the typical fish sandwich with cole slaw and baked beans

I got a rib eye sandwich and a delicious piece of corn. It was so good that I couldn't even put it down to take a picture of. So that's why you see just the cob. I seriously think that the Johnson County fair has the best corn. But hey, there is more than corn in Indiana. :)
Can't forget Danny's funnel cake, which let's face it, one of the reason's why we all go to the fair. It was good, I usually like toppings on mine but he wanted it plain. It was still good.
Can't wait to report back from the State Fair. We are going on Tuesday and I am so excited. I really want to try the Garbage burger, the fried butter and maybe even the Krispy Kreme Doughnut burger.
Wow, now that I think about all the fried food I have been eating, I really need to start exercising! Can't wait to eat my 0 point soup all week long! haha


  1. Wow! I am envious of the the State Fair food you will be eating:)

    I love 0 points soup!

  2. :) Once I start eating corn, I can't put it down either!

    That cupcake shop a few posts below is SO cute!