Sunday, September 5, 2010

Her first hair cut

My first born is growing up and although it makes me happy it also makes me sad. On Saturday Gracie got her hair cut for the first time.

This is her before picture

She had beautiful hair. Everyone always complimented her on it. Look at those baby curls at the end. Aren't they just gorgeous. Well unfortunately that wasn't enough for me.

That "beautiful" hair of hers caused me lots of problems. She was constantly getting food, syrup,milk and all sorts of stuff in it. The main reason was because she hated for it to be brushed because the curls would always tangle up. She Hated me to wash it. She would just start screaming and crying and as a mother I just couldn't stand that.

So for everyone that knows hers, I am sorry we had to cut it but today when she woke up was the first day that she hadn't cried when I brushed her hair in 2 years. Matter of fact I don't even think she knew I brushed it. She was watching Mickey Mouse Club House. :)


  1. I'm glad i got to see the cute little locks in person before they were trimmed. ♥

    She's a BIG GIRL now!