Thursday, October 28, 2010

Strange things...

So a lot of strange things have been happening lately at work. Like take for instance the big storm we had the other day. It was really raining and there was a tornado watch just on the west side of the city. Well I walked into our Dean's office and said, " Now what happens if we hear a Tornado coming." Only I didn't get to say Tornado coming b/c all the power went out. We immediately started laughing and she said, " oh Breanne please don't finish your sentence, please just go and sit down!" too weird right.

oh then today I get a text message from me BFF on her work cell that says..."your Boss just lost his tooth" ok that's weird too right!

Any way just thought I would share...

Happy Halloween

PS I can't wait to post pictures of Gracie and Lilly's Halloween Costume. Gracie is super excited and has been "flying" all around the house. Here is a sneak peak of their costumes.

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  1. Weird! Strange things always happen around here when Aubrey is out of town. The other day, I opened our patio door and a bird flew into the house and landed on the light fixture in our dining room! I was about to freak out - luckily he just sat there a second and flew right back out.