Monday, October 11, 2010


Today my baby sister got married. Everything turned out really nice. I have a few pictures from my camera phone, and most of them star me! :) Hopefully my moms and dads got good pics too.

My baby sister "Lizzy B" (that's what I have always called her. Her real name is Brooke Elizabeth) My dad and my bubbs ( DJ, my brother) Yes I have a handsome family! :)

My beautiful mom. She had the most stunning dress. I hope to get a better picture later.

The flower girls and Papaw
My hubby and me. He never smiles like this. So I got lucky

My Aunt Marcia and Lilly

I think she gets her smile from her dad!

The photographer has posted a few pics on facebook here


  1. Oh what a lovely day for a wedding. I agree, your Mother's dress was stunning, Brooke looked so happy. You looked so beautiful too. ♥

  2. You look lovely in these pictures!! Danny looks so handsome and the girls are just growing so fast, make them stop!