Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hog roast Birthday party

Danny turned 31 on July 11th. I always enjoy his birthday for a couple of reasons but mainly because we all get together at his parents house. Both my family and his. It's nice for everyone to catch up plus we all just have a good time. This year Danny wanted to have a hog roast. He researched it for a couple of months. At first we were going to do the whole hog then after he cam across a couple of blogs, yes blogs, he decided he was going to make a cinder block pit and roast pork butts. Pork butts really aren't butts but actually shoulders. A pork butt is also called a Boston Butt.

My mom has Danny and I hooked on Cherry Salsa. She usually orders it online from Wisconsin. I know it sounds weird but the sweetness is subtle and oh so good!

Danny's BIL Brian bought him an old school Track Ball Game. Brian actually bought Danny his first set when he was a little boy. Apparently it got broken....

Family and friends.

My bubbs, DJ ( isn't he handsome!) and his GF and our mom

As I was taking photos of the roasting process Danny made sure I got a picture of the fire with the pit so everyone got the ambiance. hehe

Raw butt with a mustard glaze - to keep all the juices in

The birthday boy and his homemade roaster/pit

He kept it covered with a piece from a shed.

Don't those look Yummy!

They cooked in 300 degrees for about 6 hours - Until the internal temperature of the hog was 175 degrees.

We ended up getting 3 butts to serve 30 people. That was WAY too much but it was nice because I bagged it up and gave several away. Plus the two of us ate on it for about 3 days. I highly recommend this to everyone.

When I find the original blog site I will post it on here. I want to give credit where credit is due! :)

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