Monday, August 8, 2011


Indiana has been hot and each weekend I take the girls to my dad's community pool. It's nice because there are usually a few children there the same ages as my girls so they get to make friends. Plus I my brother meets us there so we get to catch up.

I have been taking lots of photos of them "swimming" The girls don't really know how to swim but like to wade in the pool. Well a couple of weeks ago Gracie finally listened to me and realize she could stay a float with her water-wings. She has been having fun swimming since. She does a lot of kicking without going anywhere, but each week she does improve. (Blogger isn't allowing me to upload a cute video :( sorry guys! )

There are only a couple of weeks left before the pool closes. My goal is to get Lilly to "swim" in the big pool by herself, or at least float by herself.

Stay cool out there in blog land!

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