Friday, January 4, 2013


I learned how to play a new game over NYE and now I am hooked. After our original plans were cancelled for NYE night the family and I ended up hanging out with my mom and Pops. We played Mexican Train Dominos. I Love games. But I am competitive so sometimes I take playing games to a whole different level.

The game is fun because it is a little bit strategy and little bit of luck. Each player draws 15 tiles/dominos. You first have to start with the coordinating tile. Each round it is a different number starting from double 12 down to the double blank tile. You can line up as many tiles on your first hand but then after that you can only play 1 tile. A few rounds in, I drew all the right tiles b/c I played all 15 on my first turn. It was fun to see everyone’s reaction. We ended up playing 3 hours of dominos. I did end up winning the game but think maybe it was all just beginners luck. So I would like to play again to see how well I do.

Danny and I had so much fun that the next day at 9pm we decided I should go to the local CVS and buy a set. They only had a set up to 6’s which is nowhere near as fun as the set of 12. I too won that game but I was only playing against my husband who isn’t super competitive and I had a 50% chance of winning. Lol Needless to say we plan on buying another set this weekend or in the near future. I mean, I need a challenge or it just isn’t fun. J So if you would like to challenge me to a game of Mexican Train Dominos just let me know. I am not saying I will beat you but I would like the chance to. Haha. All in good fun!  It really is a fun game. I would also like to learn how to play regular Dominos or any other version. If you know of a good way to play just let me know and I will look it up. Speaking of that…do you know how to play Euchre? When I went to college I realized that was an Indiana game and people outside of Indiana had no idea what I was talking about. There are lots of different variations of Euchre that Danny and I would like to play. We just never remember. Google it if you are interested.

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