Monday, January 7, 2013

More Water Please

Did you know that if you wanted to lose weight and are trying to be healthy that you needed to drink 1 gallon of water a day. 1 Gallon equals 128 ounces. That is a lot of water. Are we swimming in it or drinking it? No wonder people lose weight, they are so full off of water they can’t eat anything else. Not to mention how many times a day you will have to stop by the rest room. It apparently actually helps our body to lose excess fat, aids in proper digestion and helps to rid the body of excess water

Well I may not be able to drink a gallon of water a day but I am going to try to drink more. I will try it out a couple of days and see how it goes. I feel like this will be better if I need to lose weight right away, say before Spring Break than an everyday activity.

I am not a good at drinking water anyway. I love my coffee in the morning, I love my tea that I sweeten with equal and occasional I love a soda. I love to sip steal from Danny. Sometimes you just need a good coke. But I have learned that the more I drink of those sugary drinks the more I feel hungry. I have tried the carbonated or seltzer water and I just can’t do that. Maybe it is an acquired taste but as my BIL says, “why should I have to acquire the taste” Good Point!

I have learned that I like my water ice cold. If I am going to drink a lot I don’t want any other flavors in it just plain water. If I am sipping for leisure (seriously?) then I don’t mind a splash of lemon or orange. In the spring and summer fresh cucumber or melon would be good.

Are there any other flavor combinations I should try?

I know a lot of people like to add the Crystal Light Sugar Free packets but for me it irritates my throat. It almost scratches it and then makes me feel uncomfortable for a day or so. I just try to avoid them at all costs.

Maybe this will take away my hunger pains and make me more conscientious of what I am putting into my body. I would like to stop eating less junk and processed foods. I have always heard drinking more water gives you better complexion and that is something I definitely need. Don’t get me started on having acne at almost 30. Like grow up body, get over it and move onto the next stage of life……glowing beauty. ☺ If only I had a filter like Instagram for real life. ☺


  1. Day 1: 55 ounces of water
    Day 2: 85 ounces of water

  2. Day 3: 75 ounces of water
    Day 4: 90 ounces of water

    Wow....that was a lot of water.