Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cute things said...

So almost daily Gracie will say something so cute or just ridiculous. I have tried writing them down, but let's be honest, I just don't. Lilly is just now putting words together to form short sentences so nothing too funny has been said yet. I'm sure it's only a matter of time. So here are a few I have remembered.

* Gracie, "Mommy, Lilly isn't cute anymore"

* Gracie, "Did your mommy give this to you?"

Me, "Yes Gracie she did"

Gracie, "But you are the mommy?"

(We are working on explaning who people are....guess she isn't getting it. )

* Gracie - "Mommy your hair is crazy."

Me - "you mean Curly!"

Gracie - "No Crazy, You don't look good!" - said at 7am Wednesday morning as we are walking out the door.....

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  1. That is so funny!! Kids are just the cutest!! My little nephew is 2 and he was making a mess at my house a couple of days ago...

    I said: "Stop making that mess." He said "Well, sorry." (with an attitude that he gets from his 8 year old sister but it was so funny coming from his mouth)