Friday, July 16, 2010

The Flying Cupcake

There is this really awesome cupcake place located off of Mass Ave that is only 3 minutes from my work. A lot of people from work really love the different variety of cupcakes and now so do I. I am ashamed to admit that I have tasted quite a few! lol There has only been one that I was disappointed in. But it's not one they offer a lot so I probably no why. The cupcakes are priced $2.50-$3.75 But honestly It's worth every penny and great for those special occasions or just wanting to treat yourself.

Please check out their website. The are also on Facebook where they list their flavors daily.

I love this place so much that I have actually had a few talks with Danny about opening up my own store. However Mine would be a pie store. If you remember a few weeks back I asked for every one's favorite pie recipe. Well that was two fold. 1. Next year I want to enter a pie into the State Fair. You even get money if you win. And then can qualify for a $5000 prize for the best pie in the country. Now by no means am I expecting to win that or even place at the fair but wouldn't that be cool if I did! 2. I need to gave great pies if I am going to have my own store.

Ok so back to the Flying cupcake. Please take a look around their website, and if you live or work close I promise you won't be disappointed. Now the store is a little girlie which is I think the Main reason why I love it.

Want to know my favorite?

Peanut Butter Blackout & Here Comes The Bride

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