Tuesday, July 20, 2010


1980 was a great year. Not that I remember it because I wasn't born until 1983. But I know it was a great year because July 11th 1983 is when my husband was born. As usual we met at Barger Farms for a joint family birthday party. He didn't want any gifts just money so he could purchase himself new hunting gear. Sunday morning, his actual birthday, we went to the Bass Pro shop in Clarksville. He was like a little kid in a candy store. I don't know how many times he circled the hunting section picking out the right gear. He would try it on, put it in the cart, then try something else on and put the first item back....it when on and on. It actually was a nice quick day trip and he got something I really think he will use for a while. Now let's just hope he gets a turkey or a deer this year.

Of course it wouldn't be a party if the "boys" didn't have their guns. (no animals or people were harmed during this time)

Danny and his Dad. I sure hope he is as sweet as his Dad when he grows up! :)

My Aunt gave him a pack of Dr Thunder's (it's an inside joke.....you can tell by his huge smile)

Danny's mom had placed some of Danny's old clothes, toys and schoolwork on a table for all to enjoy. ( every one's favorite item was his journal from elementary school. We all got a good kick out of his writing and thinking. It should be it's own blog post someday.)
This was his hat and his favorite toy truck. Gracie was only allowed to hold the truck for the picture. She was instructed by Danny to not play with it. And he meant it.


  1. What a sweet post! We still owe Danny a birthday gift/money. After my pulled pork stress (time to go and it was still not done!)I spaced bringing his gift!
    I do remember 1980 and when he was born, Diane and I were SOOOOO excited. Hopefully he isn't too rotten for you after growing up with three moms!
    As far as the dump truck goes, I remember how excited he was on his birthday to get that truck! It is just like him to still be so protective of it. Danny and his trucks!

  2. Oh no he is rotten at all. He is sweet and caring. Now I do kinda of wish he knew how to cook and do the dishes but you can't get them all!