Monday, July 26, 2010

Cute things said....

So it's that time again for more cute things said by my two daughters and or Husband. I understand that these may not be funny to anyone else but sure do get me a smiling and laughing so I decided to share. Thankfully my house is always full of laughter and silly moments.

1) Danny: "I like Grace"

Me: "oh you do, Why?"

Danny: "She eats the pretzels" ( Danny and I love Chex mix but hate the pretzels. At least they won't go to waste now! haha)

2) The other day my mom and I were at the Christmas tree Store! (btw....this store is awesome and one of my favorite stores) I had both girls in the cart and mom and I were talking. Lilly was rattling something off over and over and like a good, multitasking mom, I just ignored it. My mom finally said..."Bree, do you hear what she is saying?" and then Lilly repeated it..."Mom, I farted!"

Oh goodness, I am sure the whole store has heard her say this 5 or 6 times now and I just keep letting her say it. Oh well, Live goes on! haha.

3) We are in the kitchen early Saturday morning and I am starting to make breakfast and Lilly starts getting anxious....

Me: Girls what did mommy tell you

Gracie: We know, You don't have four hands!

Me: Thank you Gracie

Gracie: Now where's my milk?

Me: uhhhhh......

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  1. That is so funny! Your girls are so funny - I am glad you are posting these cute little conversations!

    When Joel was little and we would ask him to take stuff upstairs to his room, he would reply, "I don't have four hands!" as he would stomp up the stairs. lol

    I guess it runs in the family!