Thursday, November 18, 2010


I just thought of a neat game. Want to play?

Note: this is not my meal, mine was a lot smaller!

Today I went to Arby's and bought a small roast beef, fries, diet Pepsi and cherry turnover all for a dollar each. As I was eating/drinking each item I thought how wonderful a dollar taste.

Another example, mine are all food items, is McDonald's Tea (unsweet with 3 equals) I do not like their food but love their tea.

What do you just love or have to have that is only $1 (plus tax) Are their any good non food deals out there I am missing?


  1. I, too, love McDonald's unsweetened tea - but I use 4 Equal! Ha ha

    I also admit that I have a real weakness for their apple pies - 2 for $1. What a deal!!

  2. My favorite thing is more than $1 but can I share it anyways? It's the Mocha from McDonald's. Once I found out how much fat and calories are in the large drink, I only allow myself the small one and not very often. It is definitely my "weakness". ♥

  3. Oh I forgot about RedBox. They are my new favorite too and for only a $1 a night!

    My Bff stops at McD's all the time for their iced Mocha's So they must be good too. I have never had one b/c of the whole Dairy Free thing. :) But I take your word for it!