Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Game On

This is how my husband and I communicate...

( let me set the scene) Danny and I are in the kitchen, I am making dinner and putting away dishes. He just got home and it looking for a snack, hes says to me...

D: I see someone has tried to beat my score!

Me: What are you talking about the score is even!

D: Oh you're right I miss counted.

D: And now I am one up on you!

Later that day...

Me: Looks Like the score is tied now!

Later that night...

D: Game set match on the first box

In case you aren't quite sure what we are referring to it's the box of Queen Ann Cherry Cordials.

We only eat them at Christmas time b/c that's when they are the best

Did you know that Queen Ann also sells Cordial Blueberries?


  1. Mmmmm! Love them! I did pass them up in Wal Mart just today though - I was feeling strong willed but now I wish I had tossed them in the cart!!

  2. Megan just bought a box of dark chocolate Queen Anne's cordial cherries - YUMMY! I love it that you two love them too!

    Now as far as the cordial blueberries - where can I get me a box?