Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 Wrap up

To wrap up 2010 Danny and I decided to do something fun with the girls so we took them ( and friends) to Pizza King Station and then bowling. While we were paying and getting our things together Gracie decided to open the doors by herself. Since Lilly does everything Gracie does, she tried to open the doors after Gracie and got her thumb smashed in between the two heavy doors. I can't go into the rest because it was very emotional to me and makes me sick to my stomach to relive it. We bandaged her up and then still went bowling. She was a good sport and decided to bowl, with one hand. We weren't allowed to touch, look or even get near her thumb. She held her hand in a way that we almost wondered if she had seriously hurt her thumb. The girls actually had fun bowling. My BFF, her husband and son also went. It was her little man's first time bowling and he also had a great time. He is always such a good kid and him and our girls always get along so well together.

See how she is holding her hand, she held it there for 3 days. :(

Danny's "White Lightning" Ball. He scored a 201, his highest ever.

Danny and our friends bowling

Aren't Lilly's feet adorable!

We taught Grace how to bowl Grandma Style

We obviously had to help Lilly, but she had a lot of fun

Halfway through the first game the kids starting getting tired. So we asked for the ramp. All the kids had to do was put their ball on the ramp and it rolled right down the lane, pretty neat!

Go Gracie!

My Poppy would be so proud. He left us the "love of Bowling" Gene! :)

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  1. aw how cute!! I love the photo of the different sized shoes ;)