Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I made a big oops...

Why do we hurt the people we love? It seems as though the people we love the most we hurt the most at times. Maybe it's because we are insecure, we haven't dealt with our feelings properly or we snap at someone because we know they love us unconditional and will always be there.

Maybe this isn't you, or maybe this is how you feel.

Last night my husband brought me home flowers just to say he loves me. How do I repay him, by snapping at him later that night. Why do you ask? Because I let my feelings bottle up.

I don't usually sweat the small stuff and that's why I have a great relationship with my husband. But sometimes if you catch me at a weak moment I come crumbling down. I let a couple weeks worth of frustration out on my undeserving husband.

So I asked for forgiveness, prayed that I wouldn't act like that again and would be more loving in my tone and words when expressing my opinions. I also need to learn that it's not all about me and how I feel. I have a great husband and he needs to know that.

On a funnier note I texted him today re-apologizing. One of his comments back to me was " I thought we were filming an episode of Snapped" ( Google it if you aren't sure what I am referring too.) It's not a compliment but humor is a way we both know everything is ok. If we aren't laughing together I know there is an issue.

Ok on to a better day!

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