Friday, January 14, 2011

Gracie's Birthday suggestions...

Aunt Marcia: Gracie what do you want for your Birthday?

Gracie: A booster seat!

M: A booster seat???

Me: Gracie you're getting a booster seat b/c you are turning 4 but it's not one of your presents.

Now that's a practical kid! :)

A couple of days later.....

Me: Gracie have you thought of anything else you want for your birthday?

Gracie: Yes!

Me: Alright, like what?

Gracie: A scary movie...

Me: A Scary Movie!??? What kind???

Gracie: You know, like Sponge Bob!

Me: ( chuckle) OK what else?

Gracie: A scooter and a skateboard!

Me: I think you have been hanging around too many boys!

So for those of you wanting to know what to get Gracie for her birthday, well I haven't' got a clue. :) good luck!!!!

1 comment:

  1. She's too funny! Although, Adam really wants to get her a "scary" Spongebob movie now. Lol.