Monday, January 31, 2011

It's coming...

They say a big Winter Storm is coming that may affect 30 different states with 1-2 inches of ICE in the Indy area. Well I am freaking out. Literally as I am typing this I am having my 4th anxiety attack for the day. Why you ask, Well a couple of weeks ago when there was ice on our road I once again slid off and into a ditch. I was with my girls and Gracie and I hit our head on the window/door area. We were ok and so was the car but Danny did have to come and pull us out. While waiting for Danny to arrive there were 9 different emergency/good Samaritans that stopped to see if we needed help. Gracie also felt the need to tell me that I "need to be more careful when driving" and that I "needed to pay attention!" Well thank you Gracie I will do my best not to purposely drive on ice and slide off the road. sheesh!

Anyway I am freaking out. But I have learned my lesson and if it is ICY I am staying home. So I am packing up some work items and taking them home with me just in case.

I might even rent some Redbox movies tonight.

Everyone be careful out there!


  1. Yes, stay home. Rent movies, read a book, have a family game night and stay safe!!

  2. I am glad you all are ok! I did 360s on 252 the other day and ended up facing the opposite direction in a ditch - and that was driving a Jeep!
    Good decision to stay home.
    P.S. Gracie is quite the backseat driver. Ha Ha