Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Crafty yet not

I have been feeling crafty lately but yet have no energy to do anything. So today I will be crafty through other's blogs. hehe

I would really love to make these....

Too cute!

Found here

I love this "Family Rule" sign, although I would tailor it to fit my household

Sharing toys should definitely be a rule and no playing in the kitty's litter box! Yuck

found here

And are you loving Subway Art as much as I am? Please tell me you have heard of or have seen this!!! I recently made a St. Patrick's Day one for my Aunt's birthday and a "New Baby Girl" one for my Bff's baby

I might have to print this out and put on my desk!

Here is a cute (Commercialized & Traditional) Easter Subway Art. You can pretty much find any holiday or seasonal Subway Art. Or Make your own like I did below

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