Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Soccer practice

Soccer practice went great. Gracie did a good job and listened to her coach. She was not shy or afraid at all. Here is a picture of her team in their first huddle! ( sorry my pictures aren't good. I forgot to put it in sport mode and was a little preoccupied with actually watching and paying attention since I really don't know much about soccer myself. :)

They were doing their first drill, going around cones and dribbling their ball.

Here she is trying to kick it into the goal.

Doesn't she look like a pro? :) hehe

I took some video footage with my flip camera.
This video is the kids just warming up and playing around....

This video is of the kids doing one of their "drills" red light green light.

Towards the end of practice they had a scrimmage. Here Gracie score the first goal. She was so excited. Watch carefully b/c it happens within the first second.

It was a great practice and Gracie really enjoyed herself. And we enjoyed watching her.


  1. Thanks Brian. Funny story, after the game I showed her a few of the videos. Her repsonse after watching the video was "oh I look awkward and need to keep practicing." gotta love the mind of a 4 yr old.

  2. I can't believe how old she looks out there! I am so glad she enjoyed it . . . it will be a fun season. Let us know the dates of her games and we will try to make some of them:)