Friday, March 1, 2013

Hello March

Goodbye February. HELLO March.

 I am so happy to see you arrive. Lots of neat things going on in March. St. Patrick's Day. I love any holiday I can dress up for. My Favorite Aunt's birthday is also on St. Patty's Day. We always do a girl day and do something fun.

 This year we are going to lunch and then going to see OZ The Great and Powerful. The Wizard of Oz is sentimental to our family. My grandmother (Mem) only owned two videos while I was growing up and this was one of them. I can remember watching it numerous times throughout my childhood. I would run into the other room when the monkeys were on and Mem would yell back when they were gone. TWoO reminds me and my family of Mem. So I found it fitting that we all go and see the Prequel. Note: my husband has never seen this movie all the way trough. Weird.

Another reason I enjoy March is because it holds the first day of spring. Although it may not feel like Spring we know it's a comin'. Good Friday is also in March which means so is Easter. I love Easter. Lilly is super excited about Easter this year. We have been counting down for two weeks now.

Last night driving home, it was dark around 6:30, I saw two bunnies running around the yard. I was excited, came in and told Danny that Spring was just around the corner. A few minutes later he said to me....

D: "You know bunnies are out all year long right"
B: "What?"
D: "They don't just come out in the spring."
B: ".......Yes they do? I don't see them in the winter.... And explain the Easter bunny to me!"
D: "yelp you got me there" (rolling of the eyes)

Either way let's give a warm welcome to March!

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