Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Favorite Things

So I have noticed a lot of people posing their favorite things. I mean, I'm no Oprah but I think I can handle this. Let's see My favorite things are:

1. My new collection of old Tupperware pieces

- Thanks to my friend Abbie for getting me started. I now get new pieces for my birthday, holidays, and just because my momma loves me

2. my new makeup - Revlon Color Stay

3. Milani Sunset duos Blush & Bronzer

4. My gym membership

-Anytime Fitness. Yep that's right "anytime" I usually work out 3 times a week during my lunch but have the privilege to work out 24hrs a day 7days a week. My favorite part is that each cardio machine has it's own flat screen tv. It really makes my workout go by fast!

5.Chocolate Almonds - 100 calorie pack

These are so good and good for you. Thanks to my mama for giving me my first pack!

6. Pyrex.

- This is my new hobby. All though this is not my collection, I want to start collecting pieces. My friend Abbie just started my collection by giving me a nesting bowl set like the middle left hand side, and the small blue and white dish bottom shelf middle. ! Gosh I love that girl

7. American Pickers -

- This is a tv show on the History channel on Mondays at 9/8c. I like this show Because my husband won't let me be a pack rat that I so desperately want to be.

8. Ax Men - Duane "DJ" Jeremiah

- Ok I kind of have a little Redneck crush on him. He is a logger on the Hit show Ax Men on the History Channel. He is a "Country boy with a country accent" It's funny to hear him talk because he lost his two front teeth due to a fishing boat incident. He is so sweet though. He is "Part cowboy, part cheerleader, DJ is the heart of Browning's crew."

9. Aunt Judy's Country Kitchen

- This is a restaurant in Franklin. It has home cooked food for excellent prices. One of our favorites is homemade Fried Chicken, ( Delicious) pork tenderloin, the best "whipped" potato salad this side of the Mississippi River and Buttermilk pie. (it's similar to a sugar cream pie)

10. I leave you with something I haven't yet tried, but will do so before my next Favorite things. I will then update you on the results. Almond Milk

- This is something I want to try. I am lactose intolerant and I am always looking for GOOD Lactose free products. It's also wheat and gluten free. Have you tired it, is it good? Is it good to cook with?

Till next time


  1. I LOVE your favorite thing list! We have common likes. . . vintage Tupperware, Pyrex . . . and nesting bowls!
    I haven't tried the chocolate almonds but will be buying some TODAY!!!

  2. I have to try the chocolate almonds! Sound too good!