Saturday, February 20, 2010

Not ready...we will try again

So today I had some mom time with my little girlies. I decided to be the best mom ever and take them to Chick Fil A. Now I was really going out of my way here b/c I am not a big fan of the food here. I love the fact that it is a Christian own/run business but the prices are too high, I digress. The main reason why I took the girls was to play on their indoor playground. Now that Gracie is 3 I figured she would have the ability and talent to climb up the big staircase, walk through the tunnel, and slide down the slide. Well it took her a few times to actually make her way up the staircase. But she finally got there. She walked through the tunnel and stepped up to the slide. I was so proud, Lilly and I were faithfully waiting for her at the bottom. We stretched out our hands anticipating her arrival. And then it happened. A boy, probably just a little older then her started heckling her. I mean he was making the weirdest noise I've ever heard. That brave little girl who got up the courage to climb the staircase didn't have enough courage to go down the slide. She started crying and turned around to find me. Darn that little boy, at least he had a good time. Although she had turned 3, I realized she still wasn't ready. Oh well, we will try again.

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