Monday, March 22, 2010

A crazy couple of days

I don't even have the energy to put into words everything I have been through this last week in a half. I will tell you that my computer broke while preparing my HUGE 12 page paper and 13 slide power point presentation, so then I tried renting one from my school. That didn't work. So then I called my dad to use his laptop. He hadn't yet installed windows on his new computer. So then I took a trip to my mom's house once again to try to complete my project. Well before I know it, it's time to leave for the March Birthday party. So during my in-laws bday celebration I then some how managed to put the finishing touches onto my project. At 10pm I submitted my work. (this is late for me, even on a weekend) This morning I checked my portal and there it was. A perfect 200/200! My instructor even wrote a nice little note. I couldn't believe it. Actually I could, I put a lot of effort into the project b/c it is weighted and worth 20% of my grade. Since I am not a good test taker I knew I needed a good grade on the project to get a good grade in the class. Any way, I'm sorry to my husband and girls for being a total wreck. I think Danny might actually be a little scared of me now. I don't function well without a computer. And lastly to my family members, I'm sorry for doing homework during our birthday celebration. Good news, I graduate in 13 weeks!

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  1. So very proud of you, Bree! Keep up the good work. I remember how hard it is to go to school with kids and a husband.