Friday, March 12, 2010

I promise to never....

Never again will I yell at my daughter when she comes to the bottom of their stairs, yelling for me in a frantic voice. Although it's highly unlikely that the ladybug she swears is under her bed and is going to eat her toes, actually exist, I will do my best to have compassion on her.

You see I might have slightly, freaked out the other night when I "heard" something coming from one of our unfinished closets. So my husband and I recently moved our bedroom to the upstairs loft. It's an awesome room which we actually titled the sanctuary. There are three closets upstairs, one of which is unfinished. So the other night lying in bed and watching TV I heard to noise. Danny muted the TV. It was obviously coming from our unfinished closet. Danny tried to dismiss it as our 1910 floors creaking. I'm starting to get a little more freaked out. Then the noise gets louder and more intense. Immediately I am thinking a mouse. Although tiny, they scare me like no other. I am now sitting straight up in bed looking at him with fear in my eyes. Then the noise gets even louder and much more intent. I start screaming, "I can't handle this I can't handle this!" Danny is yelling " Bree, calm down, just sit down, Bree calm down."

Calm down, Calm down? isn't this like rule #1 when trying to calm a crazy person down, you don't tell them to calm down. Well Sorry Mister. I am not going to let a mouse trample all over me at night and leave disgusting little traces of him. No way, not this girl.

Yes I did run downstairs like a little girl. Yes we did "camp out on the couch"

So back to my original point. Just because I think it's silly Gracie is afraid of the ladybug doesn't mean that she isn't truly scared.

I promise to have more compassion for her and her fears. And I promise to never tell her to "calm down"


Danny is now convinced it is a possible raccoon or squirrel that got into the closet. Apparently there is a soft patch on the roof. Sure hope it's nice outside this weekend. Don't won't Danny on the roof in the rain. :)

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  1. That is hilarious! It is true fear is fear and it is rarely rational.