Monday, March 1, 2010


I’m so excited for tonight. I get to go out with my girls, ( I like to call us the brat pack, more on this later) Every month or so, all my gall pals try to get together for dinner. We usually pick a restaurant on the Southside. This month I suggested Fireside Brewhouse. Now I have only been there once and really can’t remember what I ordered but I do remember the Alligator. It is an appetizer, and if I remember correctly it was popcorn (chicken) sized bites. Maybe they are strips, not too sure, I’ll try to take a picture. All I really remember is that I liked them. I’m mean you don’t eat alligator every day. Well I don’t! I like to consider myself a foodie. So when I hear of such exotic/interesting food I have to try it. So I have really been hyping this up to all my friends because they are known to be picky. I knew my friend W. S. would love to try it because she is my adventurous friend. So here’s looking forward to a good night with friends and a good night of dinner!

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