Monday, March 29, 2010

No internet

It's not that I don't have the Internet at my house, it's that I don't even have a computer. :( I'm so terribly sad, and so is the hubby. It's so sad. We practically keep reaching for the laptop only to remember it's gone. Apparently the motherboard went out. So now we are waiting on a check to get our new computer. Seriously I am missing it. I miss checking my facebook, my email, and most important my blog. I also miss you all. I miss reading your blog. Danny made me laugh last night. He said that people were probably worried about me. How sweet! He truly realizes how much I love blogging to you! :)

The good news is that I passed all of my classes A-, B+ and one I still not willing to accept. It's posted but I am contesting it. I want a better grade. I feel I deserve a better grade. Plus there are 3 quizzes that aren't even posted. :) OK well I did well and I know my mommy and fellow classmate will be happy for me! Did I mention we are almost done. I have just 1 quarter left. that's Just 3 classes. In 11 short weeks I will be FINISHED! ( I'm a little excited)

Well Easter is this weekend and I'm really looking forward to it. If I don't blog before then Have a Happy and wonderful Easter weekend.

This is from last Easter. Yes Gracie was crying and Yes Lilly was Frightened.

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