Saturday, February 20, 2010

Not ready...we will try again

So today I had some mom time with my little girlies. I decided to be the best mom ever and take them to Chick Fil A. Now I was really going out of my way here b/c I am not a big fan of the food here. I love the fact that it is a Christian own/run business but the prices are too high, I digress. The main reason why I took the girls was to play on their indoor playground. Now that Gracie is 3 I figured she would have the ability and talent to climb up the big staircase, walk through the tunnel, and slide down the slide. Well it took her a few times to actually make her way up the staircase. But she finally got there. She walked through the tunnel and stepped up to the slide. I was so proud, Lilly and I were faithfully waiting for her at the bottom. We stretched out our hands anticipating her arrival. And then it happened. A boy, probably just a little older then her started heckling her. I mean he was making the weirdest noise I've ever heard. That brave little girl who got up the courage to climb the staircase didn't have enough courage to go down the slide. She started crying and turned around to find me. Darn that little boy, at least he had a good time. Although she had turned 3, I realized she still wasn't ready. Oh well, we will try again.

Till next time,

Friday, February 19, 2010

Funny Quotes from my life

Almost on a daily basis my girls come up with the funniest things to say. But these aren't just limited to them, these can be from coworkers, customers, family members or friends. I will share some with you now

Just the other day Gracie came into the living room with just her big girl panties on and yelled "Mom what is this crap on my butt" Danny and I looked at each other and busted out laughing.

This one is from my husband. After a few long hours of snowplowing and listening to almost every radio station in town he told me this. "You know what song is really catchy, The one with Ludicrous and Alvin from the chipmunks" It's funny if you knew the song, and even funnier that he thought they really used Alvin from the Chipmunks.

This one isn't as funny as it is precious. Gracie loves Tigger & Pooh. She has even given all of us Pooh names. She is Tiger, I'm Darby, Dad's Pooh, Lilly is piglet, and Mia, the dog is buster, the dog. ( That worked out well)
So one night as I was tucking Lilly into bed I said, goodnight piglet I love you.
Gracie in the sweetest softest (little Megan Butler) voice said, "Mommy do you love Tigger too?" How precious!!! Those are my favorite moments when they are so sweet and so innocent.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Favorite Things

So I have noticed a lot of people posing their favorite things. I mean, I'm no Oprah but I think I can handle this. Let's see My favorite things are:

1. My new collection of old Tupperware pieces

- Thanks to my friend Abbie for getting me started. I now get new pieces for my birthday, holidays, and just because my momma loves me

2. my new makeup - Revlon Color Stay

3. Milani Sunset duos Blush & Bronzer

4. My gym membership

-Anytime Fitness. Yep that's right "anytime" I usually work out 3 times a week during my lunch but have the privilege to work out 24hrs a day 7days a week. My favorite part is that each cardio machine has it's own flat screen tv. It really makes my workout go by fast!

5.Chocolate Almonds - 100 calorie pack

These are so good and good for you. Thanks to my mama for giving me my first pack!

6. Pyrex.

- This is my new hobby. All though this is not my collection, I want to start collecting pieces. My friend Abbie just started my collection by giving me a nesting bowl set like the middle left hand side, and the small blue and white dish bottom shelf middle. ! Gosh I love that girl

7. American Pickers -

- This is a tv show on the History channel on Mondays at 9/8c. I like this show Because my husband won't let me be a pack rat that I so desperately want to be.

8. Ax Men - Duane "DJ" Jeremiah

- Ok I kind of have a little Redneck crush on him. He is a logger on the Hit show Ax Men on the History Channel. He is a "Country boy with a country accent" It's funny to hear him talk because he lost his two front teeth due to a fishing boat incident. He is so sweet though. He is "Part cowboy, part cheerleader, DJ is the heart of Browning's crew."

9. Aunt Judy's Country Kitchen

- This is a restaurant in Franklin. It has home cooked food for excellent prices. One of our favorites is homemade Fried Chicken, ( Delicious) pork tenderloin, the best "whipped" potato salad this side of the Mississippi River and Buttermilk pie. (it's similar to a sugar cream pie)

10. I leave you with something I haven't yet tried, but will do so before my next Favorite things. I will then update you on the results. Almond Milk

- This is something I want to try. I am lactose intolerant and I am always looking for GOOD Lactose free products. It's also wheat and gluten free. Have you tired it, is it good? Is it good to cook with?

Till next time

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gracie's 3rd Birthday


Gracie turned 3 this past week. She is our little Valentine Baby, born on Feb. 13th, 2007. The above photo is one of my favorites. We were signing Happy Birthday to here and apparently she got embarrased. She hid underneath the table. Me being a quick thinker, I also went under the table to snap a quick photo. How cute!!!

It's hard to believe that just 3 years ago I was holding her in my arms for the very first time. Gosh I love this little girl.
(Danny hated her shirt though. I loved it and thought is was adorable. It dosen't hurt that I only paid $2.19 for it. :) K-Mart)

My side of the family went to the Incredible Pizza Company. Although it was overcrowded on a Saturday afternoon we had lot of fun. Gracie loved all of the games. Lilly even had a good time. Thanks to all of my family members, and friends for sharing this special event with us.

For Lent...

I'm not Catholic, but still think this is a good idea.
Jesus gave so much for me that I think it is only appropriate that I give back to Him. So....
I am giving up my bad attitude.
I will not lie in bed and curse the alarm clock for going off.
I will not get frazzled because I have nothing to wear to work.
I will not get upset at the cars on I-65
I will not let bad attitudes at the office affect my attitude

I will be happy, positive, and energetic. I will let the love I have in my heart Shine!!!

My thoughts become my words, my words become my actions
My actions become my habits, my habits becomes my character
My character becomes my destiny!!!

Did it work?

I've decided to start a blog (obviously)

There are so many wonderful things going on in my life I decided I need to document them all. I also need a way to express myself. I feel that the 3 people I do express myself to, well I have used them too much! ( Thanks, Danny, Mom, and Elizabeth) I don't want to exhaust them too much b/c I know I will need them again. Thankfully God has blessed me with some very Godly, loving, and sincere family members and friends that give me wonderful advice. And of course, I have the best friend that always knows what I need even when I don't understand His reasoning, Jesus!

I can't wait to share my life, thoughts, opinions, and journey with everyone.

Till next time