Friday, February 4, 2011

Sunday Sunday Sunday

It's almost game day, do you have any big plans? Are you cheering for a specific team? Today I accidentally wore Green and Yellow. The Steeler fans at my work weren't happy. I told them that it wasn't b/c I was cheering for GB b/c I seriously couldn't care less. The Colts are my only team, if they aren't playing I only watch the Superbowl for the commercials, halftime show and for all the great food.
So what are you eating this Sunday? What are your favorite eats/treats

I found these and they look Delicious

Or this

Apparently the top 3 food items are Wings, Pizza and Specialty dips. I have a good recipe for Buffalo Chicken dip so I might end up making that too. Although I might use actually buffalo dip instead of the hot sauce.

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