Thursday, May 19, 2011

funny things said....

I only have three but they were really funny. Also how come I can never remember anything funny I say? oh well I am sure other's do.

Gracie asked her Papaw if she could sit on his Harley, he said no, she then replied, " I promise I won't start it!"

Danny for some reason had his basketball shorts pulled over his belly button. I asked him why he was looking like Urkel and he replied very seriously , " this is my natural waistline." I laughed and snorted so hard I almost peed my pants. He is goofy.

Danny is in the BBQ mood and has been looking up recipes on how to make your own bbq sauce, how to smoke your meat and such. So a couple of days ago he found a recipe for a Dr. Pepper bbq sauce that he wanted to make. So of course I helped him get it all ready but he did do most of it. And afterwards he said to me that he really like "cooking" and that he would like to do it more. I just laughed b/c I think we all know how that will go. And secondly that wasn't cooking that was throwing some ingredients into a blender and mixing them up. But hey who am I to discourage him wanting to help out in the kitchen! Best of luck to you Danny.

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