Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New old Tupperware

I got a few new Tupperware pieces this weekend and I was super excited. Let me tell you why I treated myself though. Danny has a bad habit of not bringing his lunch containers back. Well after a while I don't have anything to put his lunch in so I decided to be a good wife and give him 2 of my Tupperware containers only if he promised to bring it back. Well he eventually brought it back, with moldy food it it! Disgusting!!!! I could not get that moldy smell out of 2 so I told him he was going to buy me more!

My mom and Ken go to an Antique flea market in Cincinnati that always has tons of Tupperware. My mom sent me a text with the ones she thought I would like. So now I have 2 soup bowls and 3 shallow bowls. I have never seen the shallow bowls and really only had orange Tupperware so now I have a more colorful selection. It makes me happy! I think Danny and I are going to make a trip over there so I can check it out myself.

I have learned my lesson though, no more Mrs. Nice Wife, if you can't bring your lunch containers back then your lunch is going into a plastic baggie! lol He said he didn't care! And he probably doesn't but at least my prize Tupperware pieces are looking good in my cabinet! lol

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  1. I LOVE Tupperware too! Let me know if you and Danny go to that flea market. I will send you with some money!!!

    Oh, and I can TOTALLY relate to good Tupperware coming home with moldy food in it! YUCK!!!