Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing Memorial Day weekend. I know we did. We spent all of Sunday and Monday outside soaking up the beautiful sun. On Sunday we went over to my BFF's house and had a cookout and watched the kids swim. It was just a little too cold for the grown-ups. Although Danny did manage to get in, only after he couldn't feel his body b/c the water was too cold. lol

My girls are really starting to enjoy the water and had a good time playing with their friend.

Gracie played on the stairs while her friend swam in the pool

They decided it would be fun to load up their rides with mulch from the non sand box area!

I think she is safe enough!
Lilly liked sitting in the car because she couldn't drive it. She also got 8 splinters ~not fun!

We also played in the sprinkler a lot. And by playing I mean Gracie tries to to get wet while "playing" in the sprinkler.

Lilly doesn't mind getting wet!

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  1. Love the cute pix of the kids! Not to get too nostalgic, but enjoy every minute of them being young. It seems like only yesterday my 3 were out playing in the sprinkler . . . well actually it was just the garden hose! lol