Tuesday, February 15, 2011

4th Birthday Party

The Cowgirl birthday party was a success. The girls and me looked so cute in our cowgirl boots. hehe The food was great and then it was present opening time. This is went it started to go down hill ( or at least to me)

Gracie was being such a good sister allowing Lilly to help open presents.

The first present. A new pair of cools shoes that are just adorable. The have cute little rhinestones everywhere and are very sparkly.

Present 2 Movies. The girls love movies. And I was thankful that I no longer had to watch the Chipmunks the Squeakquel again.

Present 3 which should have waited to the end but Gracie was just ripping through everything - was a Scooter and helmet. Well the party was basically over after that b/c Gracie wanted nothing to do with all her cute spring clothes, dresses and such. She did get excited when she saw her jewelry box from Aunt Marcia but I forgot to snap a picture.

Pops putting on Gracie helmet while she tries to put on the knee pads.

Isn't her "My First Scooter" Adorable!

Lilly quickly jumps on the scooter when Gracie isn't watching.....

Let's Go!!!!

Happy birthday Gracie

Make a wish!

Now for a quick wardrobe change

Gracie is also featured here with her purse from Gigi. She got a wallet with really money and a picture of my grandma and grandpa ( Mem and Poppy) some chap stick/lip gloss a brush and a mirror.

Oh Good Lilly got the wardrobe memo too!

You look great in that helmet sissy!

And here she is on her actual Birthday.

Happy 4th Birthday Gracie!

Note: when I tucked her in she got out of bed and stood on her scooter and watched her new movie. I do believe that she might have slept in the helmet. Not sure b/c she woke up before I did and it was already on. You decide.


  1. Love the birthday pictures! I can't believe she is 4! I am totally thinking she slept in her helmet.

  2. I know, she grew up way too fast. Oh yes me I am pretty sure that helmet didn't come off! :)