Monday, February 7, 2011

Dove Chocolate

One thing I like about the Month of February is all the chocolate. I am a woman's woman and I love me some chocolate. And I will hardly ever pass it up, even gamble chocolate....("Hmm... this could either be really good or really nasty... CRAP, I got the toothpaste filled one!" -Jim Gaffigan)

Well I have really been loving me some Dove Chocolate lately. I also like the little hidden quote or messages inside. Today's message was Remember your first Crush. Well I have to share....

Micheal McKinney, 1st grade, b/c in Kindergarten boys were Yucky.

Michael McKinney, dirty blonde hair with a cool rat tail. He had baby blue eyes. I remember sitting in Mrs. Perkins-Gale 1st grade classroom, just dreaming about him. Then one day my best friend Lyndsey told me she had a crush on him! No!!!! So I did exactly what every 1st grader would do. I started chasing him around the playground at recess. One day I asked him if he wanted to help me across the giant Caterpillar. Yep you guessed it that day forward he was head over heels for me...oh the memories!

Was your first crush as awesome as mine? :)

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